Mid Century Modern Lighting

What is Mid Century Modern Lighting?

Mid century modern lighting is characterized by a combination of simple shapes, bold color, and space age design. Architecture and home decor drew inspiration from what became dubbed the "Atomic Age" as the world became captivated in the 1940s and 1950s by new discoveries on space exploration and on the molecular level.

Mid century modern light fixtures are designed to mimic celestial bodies, molecular structures, and orbiting satellites. One great example of such lighting is in the Sputnik style which includes countless configurations. These fixtures' multiple-arm design lend them to be easily recognized, and arguably for that reason, popular. Sputnik light fixtures also work well in spaces ranging from eclectic to uber modern.

Mid Century Modern Lighting Meets Customizable, Colorful Lighting

Mid century modern light fixtures are well known also for embracing bold colors. One need but search "mid century modern colors" to see one of countless color palettes used to personalize the decor to make it feel even more like your own. 

At Dutton Brown, we're working to give you the ability to personalize your own mid century modern light fixture by finish, color, and size. From mid century modern globe pendants to mid century modern chandeliers, we are working to bring you more options to own your space with your lighting.