Pendant Light Fixtures

Our colorful, customizable pendants are a great way to make a clean, modern statement in your space. Customize a light fixture by choosing the hanging height, globe size, color, and finish with several styles available. Read more below to learn about what makes our pendants special.

Customizable Hanging Height
Each pendant comes standard with a solid brass 12" rod. We offer 2", 4", 6", and 12" extension rods which screw into one another seamlessly so that you can have the exact hanging height you need.

Unique Designs for your Style
Everyone has a unique style and our light fixtures are the same way. We offer Urchin, dome and globe pendants to tickle your fancy. Choose from 4 globe sizes including 6", 8", 10", and 12" diameter in either a white or clear finish. The globes are made from hand-blown glass and maintain a traditional feel. Urchin pendants come in the original style or decorated with color or crystal beads.  

Variety of Powder-Coated Colors with Three Finishes
Of course, if we offer so many style options, it's no surprise that we offer a variety of finishes and colorful lighting choices. You know, so you can personalize your style-soulmate fixture. The globe fixtures are crafted using high-gauge solid brass parts available in finishes including satin brass, polished nickel, and satin-black. We combine these high-end finishes with 18+ powder-coated color options to create the highest quality of luxe colorful lighting.

Exclusively Designed Parts
What makes our handmade light fixtures special is the fact that we've taken the time to design parts with perfectly matching finishes and seamlessly fitting parts. From our low-profile canopy to our CNC-machined couplings to our matching plated globe holders, our attention to detail is second to none. When you receive your light fixture, we want you to know you've purchased quality lighting that lasts.