Adjustable Wall Sconces

Adjustable Wall Sconce Lighting

Choosing the best adjustable wall sconce can be a challenge. Sure, it's fun to shop for something chic that will look great posted on Instagram. But it's also important to ensure the light fixture provides enough light where you need it. A variety of adjustable sconce designs are available, but did you know that bulb choice is just as important as fixture choice? There are different types of adjustable wall sconces and choosing the right one depends on how you plan to use the item in your space.

Three of the most common types of adjustable sconces are the swivel, swing arm, and reticulating. Some of the best designs also combine parts used on all of these to create added functionality. 

Deciding how much light you need comes first. Most adjustable sconces are designed to be moved to a desired position to direct light in a specific place. A couple of examples include bedside lighting or desk lighting.