About Us

At Dutton Brown, we want to change how you think about lighting for your space. There are few things in design that inspire excitement the way the perfect light fixture can, and our goal is to create an engaging process that gives you the control to create an exciting lighting solution perfect for your space. We do this by taking timeless designs beyond basic to make them larger, more colorful, and more customizable. To that end, our fixtures are designed with emphasis on three principles: customizability, color, and quality.

  1. Customizable – Because we believe you should have more options. So much of home décor is customizable by size and color, so we believe your lighting should be as well. Because all our light fixtures are made-to-order, we have the opportunity then to make something just for you. By working directly with custom parts manufacturers, we are able to offer more customizable options so you can choose the finish, size, and configuration best for you.
  2. Color – Because color is one of the most important considerations when designing your space. We work to provide colorful options so that you can color coordinate your lighting with your furniture, wall colors, on-trend Pantones, or whatever you choose. We offer a growing variety of color options, and we want to inspire you to use colorful lighting as a fresh way to make a statement in your space.
  3. Quality – Because all lighting should be, especially when it’s handmade. We want your fixture to last for a long time, so our designs are constructed from high-gauge solid brass and steel with finishes designed to last over time. We use polished and lacquered brass to give brass a lasting, lustrous finish, and all other finishes are galvanized, lacquered, or powder-coated to help ensure they last.

“Dutton Brown works to create lighting designs you didn’t even know you wanted, because until recently, they didn’t exist.”
– Thomas Brown & Zach Dutton

Our Story

Dutton Brown was created by Zach Dutton, a former designer for West Elm, and Thomas Brown, a former engineer for the consumer products industry. Partners since 2005, Dutton and Brown had grown weary of the corporate 9-to-5 lifestyle, and as a hobby, were spending their weekends making home décor for their home. Encouraged by friends and family, in 2013, the two decided to combine their design and manufacturing know-how to create their own chandelier to sell on Etsy.

Their first light fixture was inspired by Jean de Merry’s Lumiere chandelier which they first saw in an Atlanta mall. Prototyping with wire hangers and a handful of lamp parts, the two created a smaller version of the spiky fixture and hung it in their place. The two loved the fixture and believed others may as well. And they were right. After posting their newly-named “urchin” fixture on Etsy, the fixture sold within 24 hours. So they posted another, and within one month, they had sold 13. This success revealed they were onto something bigger.

Dutton and Brown quit their jobs to go full-time designing and manufacturing chandeliers. They packed up and moved to Minnesota, and over the next year, Dutton Brown Design was born in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. The two worked from home developing new chandelier designs and selling them online, and by 2014, moved into a dedicated shop space before upgrading to their current location in Northeast Minneapolis.

Today, Dutton Brown is located in a beautiful showroom space and manufacturing facility where our creative lighting designs are manufactured in a variety of styles including Urchin , Sputnik , Globe Chandeliers , Pendants , and Sconces . Each light fixture is made by hand by a skilled craftsman, and most of our products are also UL Listed under the UL’s General Coverage Program for UL Standard 1598.

In this space, because we want your experience with Dutton Brown to be a great one, we maintain a customer service presence to answer any questions you have and assist you in the purchasing process. We understand purchasing a chandelier online can be a challenge because it can be difficult to ascertain size and finish online, so we work every day to make pictures, videos, and educational tools to help you decide if one of our fixtures will work for your space. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at info@duttonbrown.com . We look forward to the chance to help you brighten your space in your own way.


Zach Dutton - Founder, Owner

Thomas Brown - Founder, Owner

Zach has an extensive design and management background having started on the sales floor at West Elm in Atlanta. His passion for staging and creating product-focused, creative spaces lead to his promotion as Corporate Visual Manager where he managed visual design in 40+ stores. In the role, Zach gained experience related to what value-focused customers wanted. Having spent much of his time selling and promoting different product lines, he also saw the need to develop custom lighting solutions based on current trends that were both unique and affordable. In 2013, Zach started Dutton Brown Design so that he could create such designs, and he works to expand such product lines today.

Thomas has seven years of experience working as a Project Engineer (Georgia Tech, ChBE '08) where he gained experience developing manufacturing processes for consumer products at Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble. With his expertise in implementing new technologies and product lines, Thomas decided to spend time working to design and introduce products related to home decor. In 2013, Thomas started Dutton Brown Design with Zach Dutton and successfully launched their first custom chandelier product line. Thomas now works to manage operations related to improving existing lines and introducing new ones.