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Space-age Sputnik design invigorated with customizable colors, get this, that you can choose.


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brass and orange color Elliptical Sputnik chandelier 32" Dutton Brown lightingNickel and ochre color Elliptical Sputnik chandelier 32" by Dutton Brown. Space and photo by Cuchoo4Design.
elliptical sputnik chandelier lighting black ochre dutton brownNickel and ochre color Elliptical Sputnick flush mount 32" by Dutton Brown. Space by Cuckoo4design, Julia Konya. _hover
Brass and lagoon color Sputnik sconce Dutton Brown lightingBrass and white color Sputnik sconce Dutton Brown lighting
Color Sputnik Sconce Sale price$299.00
Black and navy color Sputnik flush mount Dutton Brown lightingNickel and slate blue color Sputnik flush mount by Dutton Brown
Color Sputnik Flush Mount Sale price$299.00

What is a Sputnik Chandelier?

The Sputnik chandelier is a popular light fixture design from the mid-century modern era. The Soviet Union's 1957 launch of Sputnik, the world's first orbiting satellite, inspired a generation of home décor. The defining feature of a Sputnik light fixture is a core surrounded by multiple arms containing light bulbs. This makes the fixture an excellent option for creating ambient light in a space

Sputnik light fixtures have taken on many functionally different forms including Sputnik flush mounts and Sputnik sconces as well. One of the most common materials used to make said chandeliers is brass. With so many configurations possible with this space-age style though, we’ve taken this style to the next level by offering colorful lighting options paired with high-end finishes in several sizes. We also offer different configurations so you're sure to have options that will suit your space. If you need help sizing a chandelier, the rules are pretty simple, but if you're limited on space, a flush mount light fixture may be best.

Save Space with a Sputnik Flush Mount

Sputnik flush mounts are the perfect way to add mid century style to a space with lower ceilings or when space is needed. Whether you have a high swinging door or 8' ceilings, these flush mounts are designed to sit flush and out of your way. If you want to make a statement in a space and need plenty of light, our Elliptical Sputnik Chandelier is a great option. Or if you just need a bit of light or want to add a pop of color to a space, then our Sputnik Flush Mount may be a better choice.

Install on a Wall with a Sputnik Sconce

Sputnik sconces are yet another way of adding unique mid century modern statement lighting, this time, designed for your wall. The number of bulbs on a Sputnik wall sconce make it the perfect option for adding much needed light to a bathroom or vanity space. One can be positioned nicely in scale as bathroom lighting above a mirror or perhaps in a set of two as side vanity lighting at eye level. If you thought our Sputnik Sconce looked a lot like our Sputnik Flush Mount, then you'd be right. They're the same! Both are considered "surface" mount light fixtures and can be positioned either way.

What makes Dutton Brown Sputnik lights special?

Each Sputnik chandelier, flush mount, and wall sconce, has an exclusively-designed core which holds varied arm lengths. The arms are arranged to form both spherical and elliptical chandelier shapes. The fixtures also come in three sizes suitable for many spaces and ceiling heights. We also offer accessories to customize the hanging height of any chandelier.

Each of our custom light fixtures is designed to impress. Each color Sputnik chandelier is crafted using high-gauge metal parts. We powder coat the parts to create a quality color finish. We pair that color with satin brass and polished nickel parts to add high-end touches to each fixture. These colors and metal finishes complement a variety of mid-century modern decor. With each fixture our goal is to enable you to make your own statement with your bedroom, kitchen, dining room lighting, and more.

Dutton Brown designed Sputnik flush mounts and sconces as pint-sized Sputnik light fixtures designed to complement our Sputnik chandeliers. If you’re looking for colorful light fixtures to take your mid-century modern lighting to the next level, we’re sure to have a color and size to work for your space.

Impress guests by pairing a brass and white chandelier with your new brass kitchen hardware. Be bold by pairing a red sconce with a turquoise chandelier. The possibilities to impress your guests and yourself have never been greater. Dutton Brown works every day to offer more colorful light fixture options to inspire you to be bold in your space.

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