Throne Towel Rack 36"

SKU: H60-36-1
Sale price$303.00

Finish: Brass
Size: 36"
Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks

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This luxe yet minimalist towel rack is a dream come true for all with a penchant for organization. Designed to create a tidy, snug storage option for your towels, you'll never lament the sagginess of sad, poorly rolled towels again. Each rack is designed to match perfectly our products (or to stand on its own) and is crafted from exclusively-designed CNC-machined solid brass.


    throne towel rack 36-inches ISO drawing, dutton brown hardware

    Height: 39.5", Width: Variable, Depth: 5.5"


    Brass. Mounting hardware included.


    Rack holds 7-8 towels. Capacity depends on thickness of towel and how tightly towels are rolled.

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