Understanding Our Lead Times

Every light fixture or piece of hardware we offer is made in our facility. We stock parts, and we assemble items in the order we receive them. Our goal is to build our products maintaining high quality standards while also fulfilling each order as quickly as possible.

Each product's lead time is affected by demand, parts availability, production time, quality inspections, testing, and packaging/shipping. The most accurate lead time is listed on each product listing, but in general our lead times fall into 3 categories below.

Color Lead Time: Max. 6 - 8 weeks

Any item with "color" in the title has a lead time of 6 - 8 weeks. Because we powder coat all color parts in-house (including custom colors), we have a powder coating schedule. Each order's lead time is related to when it was placed relative to that schedule and the number of items in our order queue.

Quick Build: 1 - 2 weeks

Quick build orders are built from parts that are in-stock such that assembly can begin sooner. These items are primarily built from all brass, nickel, or black parts. This includes mostly items that do not contain "color" in the title.

In Stock Items: 1 - 2 days

Items such as samples, bulbs, or accessories that are in-stock ship faster. If these are part of a larger order, we usually send them together unless you request otherwise. Contact us if you have any questions about lead time.

Expedite Add-on

We offer an expedited assembly add-on on the cart page for an additional 30-40% which reduces the lead time typically to within 10 - 15 days. We do our best to make the option available most of the time, but during high demand times, we turn off the add-on to focus on meeting existing lead times.

Factors that Extend Lead Times

Order Quantity - The more that's ordered, the longer it takes. For orders over 10 fixtures, we'll contact you if we aren't able to meet the quoted lead time.

Multiple Colors - The more colors that are ordered, the more likely we are to need more time to cycle through our powder coating schedule. 

Parts Delays - Parts delivery delays or defective parts may extend lead times, but we do our best to let you know if these will affect your lead time.

Order Changes - Changing an order almost always delays it, though we do our best to meet the original lead time if possible.

High Demand - We've been fortunate to have built a business that keeps folks coming back (about 40% repeat customers), but sometimes demand gets ahead of our ability to plan for parts and assemblers.

If you're trying to meet a lead time or you're concerned about a delivery date, feel free to contact us!



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