Hang-Straight Attachment for Sloped Ceilings

SKU: part-HS2-1
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Finish: Brass

Lead time: Same as fixture

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For use with Dutton Brown fixtures only

This add-on should be purchased along with the fixture(s) requiring it. Contact us if this is for an order that has already shipped to discuss options.


A hang-straight attachment is used to install fixtures with a rod on sloped ceilings, and this hang-straight can only be used with the style of canopy shown. We stock another style of hang-straight which may be substituted for use with a flat canopy.

In order to use this part, we may need to machine a larger hole into the canopy. If a hang-straight is ordered after an order is shipped, it may be necessary to also purchase a new canopy that works with the hang-straight.


    Hanging Height

    This hang-straight adds 3" to the hanging height of most fixtures. For Cap Pendants and Cap Flush Mounts, it adds 2".




    Each hang-straight contains a 1/8IPS thread on the bottom (rod) side and contains options for 1/4IPS and 1/8IPS threads on the top (junction box) side. A knurled screw-on collar/ring is included with each hang-straight and is used to secure the canopy to the ceiling after installation. For high-sloped ceilings, please measure to ensure there is enough space between the fixture and the ceiling or contact us with any questions.

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