Globe Sconces

Express and impress all with the flip of a switch. Our aptly named Globe Sconces draw inspiration from all over the world and reflect the world around us. At Dutton Brown, it is our goal to change the way you think about lighting for your space - we aim to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. And so, our Globe Sconces were made to fill the void we saw in today's home lighting marketplace. We saw that most unique sconces were priced out of reach for the average shopper; similarly, customized work was unavailable to most. Our customizable sconces offer the uniqueness often associated with custom work, the quality that comes with high-end fixtures, and the artistic value of a work of art.  

Lighting should be more than a fixture. At Dutton Brown, we've created unique pieces that offer Shoppers exciting lighting solutions that can be custom tailored to perfectly complement their space. Our timeless designs transcend beyond basic and into a larger and more colorful, customizable realm. Founders Thomas Brown and Zach Dutton are fond of saying that, “Dutton Brown works to create lighting designs you didn’t even know you wanted because until recently, they didn’t exist.”  

Our Globe Sconces faithfully embrace the three Dutton Brown design values: customizable, color, and quality. All of our Globe Sconces offer customizable options, because we believe that you should have the opportunity to create lighting that is custom tailored to your needs without having to pay exorbitant fees for custom work. Color also plays an important role for the Globe Sconces. Some of our most popular Globe Sconce models offer a variety of color and finish configurations. Whether you wish to match your light fixture to your furniture or wall colors or create a one-of-a-kind statement piece that's completely unique, our color options can turn your dream into a reality.

And finally, quality. Each globe sconce is handcrafted with care by local Minnesota artisans. Our Globe Sconces are constructed from high-gauge solid brass and steel to ensure longevity. Polished and lacquered brass gives our pieces a lasting and lustrous finish. Additionally, all other aspects of your Sconces will be galvanized, lacquered, or powder-coated to ensure that they stand the test of time.

Capped Globe Wall Sconces

Capped Globe Sconce I, Color Capped Globe Sconce I - Brass, Color Capped Globe Sconce I - Nickel

The Capped Globe Wall Sconces are a great midcentury addition to any space. These contemporary light fixtures can be seamlessly integrated into every room, from bedrooms to living rooms. The single Globe Sconces are designed to complement many of the chandeliers in our store and are available in brass or nickel and can be positioned up or down. By using two or three Globe Sconces, you’ll be able to create great ambiance without breaking the bank. The hand-blown globes on each Sconce are available in either clear or white glass.

Our Single Globe, Double Globe, Cone Dot Globe, and Pipe Globe Sconces are available in the following colors.

  • White, Mint, Seafoam, Kelly Green, Turquoise, Aqua, Royal Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Maroon, Pink, Grey, Black 

Capped Globe Sconce II, Color Capped Globe Sconce II - Brass, Color Capped Globe Sconce II - Nickel

For double the fun, try one of the Capped Globe Sconces II. Vertical or horizontal, this sconce makes a big impact in your space. With the brass fixtures you’ll receive a warm glowing light that will lighten any space, and with our nickel pieces, you’ll receive a sleeker more modern light that will give a touch of elegance to any setting. Add two or three globe sconces II to any room to create an instant focal point or feature wall.

Cone Globe Sconces

Cone Globe Sconce, Color Cone Dot Globe Sconce - Brass, Color Cone Dot Globe Sconce - Nickel

The Cone Globe Sconce is a simple globe sconce design with a globe perched atop a conical adornment that is the perfect compliment for any existing aesthetic. With optional brass and nickel finishes, a Cone Globe Sconce can be the perfect compliment to your space’s decor. The hand-blown stemless glass globes round out this unique lighting fixture - available in both white and clear.

Deko Globe Sconce

Every piece at Dutton Brown is unique, yet the Deko Globe Sconce has just that little something extra. The Deko globe wall sconce offers the simplicity of a globe sconce paired with the option to customize the piece to your desired specifications via interchangeable screw-on adornments. These adornments include cube and sphere models. These futuristic fixtures can bring a touch of modern design to any space.

Color Pipe Globe Sconces

Color Pipe Globe Sconce - Nickel, Color Pipe Globe Sconce - Brass

Embrace modern minimalist through the use of one of our new Color Pipe Globe Sconces. With a plethora of colors available and both brass and nickel finished available, the Color Pipe Globe Sconce makes for a perfect accent piece. From bedrooms to living rooms, these one-of-a-kind fixtures can add a touch of whimsy to any room.

Cup Sconce II

The big, bold, brave Cup Sconce is a statement piece unlike any other. This midcentury-inspired fixture well-suited to both traditional and modern tastes and can be easily paired with many of our other chandeliers. The Cup Sconce is a bold piece that is sure to wow your friends and family.