How to Hang a Chandelier: Chain, Rod, or Both

There are several ways to hang a chandelier, and typically the hanging method is dictated by the manufacturer. Because we are able to customize a fixture to suit your space, you have the option to choose which method is best for your space. The most important things to consider for choosing the best method include deciding how much hanging height flexibility you need, overall cost, and personal preference. Below we address each of these items for the three hanging methods we offer.

Hanging Method 1: Chain Only

Using chain allows you the flexibility to add or remove links of chain to change the hanging height of a chandelier. This is especially useful if you're installing in a space where you don't know the ceiling measurements or how high exactly you'd like to hang the chandelier. Chain is also typically the cheapest option. A foot of chain (unless you want something fancy) typically costs less than a foot of rod.

To install, each light has a threaded hole on top where the wire exits. For attaching a chain, a loop is screwed into this hole around the wire. Next, chain links are removed (or added) to achieve desired chain length, and then one end of chain is attached to the loop on the top of the fixture. The other end of chain is attached to the loop attached to the canopy which will be secured to the ceiling. This chain holds the weight of the fixture when installed. Note, the fixture should never hang from the wire itself unless it is a small cordset/single bulb. Next, the wire is weaved into the chain for a clean look and run up through the loop on the canopy to be wired to the junction box. The canopy is then secured to the ceiling using a bracket and finial caps included with the canopy kit.

Hanging Method 2: Rod Only

There is a bit less hanging height flexibility if you use rods only because the rods are a fixed length, but this option completely hides the wire for a clean look. Many chandeliers include a set of several rod lengths that screw into one another and allow you to choose how high to hang your fixture in fixed increments. But, with many chandeliers, you may end up paying for rods you don't actually need, so one way we use to reduce fixture cost is to provide rods as add-ons instead of creating an overall higher cost for all of our customers. 

To install, you choose how many rods to use, feed them onto the electrical cord, and screw them into a threaded hole in top of the fixture (where the loop was for the chain), screwing all rods together to form one long rod. You then place the canopy onto the threaded end of the rod, and secure the canopy to the rod with a nut and lock washer. The fixture is brought up to the junction box and wired and then secured to the ceiling using a bracket and finial caps as before.

Hanging Method 3: Rod with Chain
If you're still unsure how high you'd like to hang your fixture and you still want the high end look of a rod, you can use both. This method is good for rooms with very high ceilings where you want to conceal the wire but also want to have the flexibility to vary the hanging height without purchasing many extra rods.

To install, you start by screwing on as many rods as you choose into the top of the fixture, and on the end of the rod you screw on a loop. You then install in the same way as Method 1 attaching chain between that loop on the rod and the loop on the canopy. See the picture below showing this combination.

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