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Additional chain is sold in 3ft sections and can be purchased to increase hanging height. Chain links can be opened to connect to make longer pieces of chain. When additional chain is purchased, additional electrical wire is added to account for the additional length of chain. Most fixtures that contain chain also require the installation of a ground wire which may be added to the fixture as well.

Please contact us at to inquire about adding chain to a fixture as assymmetric fixtures may tilt due to variations in globe weights, arm positions, etc. For more information about different ways to hang our chandeliers, please see How to Hang a Chandelier.

Lead Time: 1-3 business days for individual items. For items purchased along with fixtures, the lead time is the same as the fixture which is typically within 3 weeks.

Shipping Time: 1-4 business days via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail

Tracking information is sent to the email associated with the order when the item is ready to ship. If you need a shipping estimate or faster shipping, we are happy to provide estimates, but we are not able to guarantee delivery dates. Please see tracking info or contact the courier for the most accurate delivery information.

Lighting accessories are not returnable. This includes samples, bulbs, expedite fees, and customizations including custom colors and switch add-ons.

Lighting extension rods, chain, swivels, and globes purchased along with a fixture may be returned along with that fixture within 30 days of delivery date as determined by the tracking information. Individual such purchases not associated with a Dutton Brown fixture are not returnable.

The full return policy is available here.

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