Extension Rod

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Each rod is 1/2" diameter and contains 1/8 IPS threaded ends. The rods are sold in lengths of 4", 6", and 12", and screw together seamlessly to form longer sections.

Two configurations are possible with rods. See listing pictures. The rod can be coupled to a chain between the canopy, or the rod can be screwed directly into the canopy. See below for help determining how to calculate overall hanging height when using rods.

Overall Hanging Heights:

For urchins, add 10" to the length of rod(s) you purchase to determine overall hanging height. For example, if you purchase one 12" rod, the overall hanging height will be 22" when installed. If you purchase one 6" rod, the overall hanging height will be 16". If you purchase, one 12" rod and one 6" rod, the overall height will be 28" and so on.

For globe and Sputnik fixtures, add the rod length to the overall height specified on the listing for overall height. Note: The 5-Globe Reef and Constell fixtures use slimmer rods that join with a coupling.

Contact us if you have any questions about hanging height.

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