Because not every fabulous space has a junction box; you'll still need an outlet though.


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Modern Plug-in Wall Sconces and Plug-In Wall Lights

It can be a challenge to find lighting versatile enough to meet the needs of your tastes and your space. Dutton Brown is developing a growing collection of modern plug-in wall sconces that can be customized to meet your tastes and installed anywhere you please. Fact is, plug-in wall sconces are one of the easiest ways to add lighting and personality to any wall in your space.

These plug-in wall lights require only a plug-in outlet and simple handtools to install whereas hardwired sconces require a junction box and often an electrician. This flexibility and ease of install make plug-in sconces a great option for quickly and affordably adding light to a space.

Each plug-in wall sconce is wired with a switch 2 feet from the fixture backplate. If you'd like the switch placed on the backplate, we offer a hardwire switch add-on here. Or if you're looking for something without a cord to hardwire to a junction box, then check out our hardwired wall sconces collection.

Plug-in Sconce: Tools and Parts You'll Need

Most people choose plug-in sconce lighting because they do not have a junction box installed where they need the light fixture. Also, installation is simple enough that the only tool you need is a hand drill to pre-drill holes and install screws. Installation instructions vary by manufacturer but each plug-in wall sconce will typically include a crossbar or bracket that mounts the fixture to the wall with included screws and anchors.

Depending on the type of wall you have, you may need anchors or screws specific to your wall type. For drywall, you'll need a drywall anchor to ensure screws fasten securely to the wall. These are quite easy to install. Check out a quick video here. For wood walls, you'll need wood screws. There are several types of wood screws. Drilling a pilot hole smaller than the screw itself will make the job easier. Or using self-tapping screws can help too. For brick or concrete walls, you need masonry or concrete anchors. Installation isn't difficult, but a bit of preparation ensuring you have the right tools and anchors will save you trouble. Just search "how to install screws in concrete". 


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