Wow with Custom and Unique Chandeliers in Your Space

“Wow.” Is there any better compliment as someone enters your home? There are several ways to elicit this response, but one of the best ways is with your lighting. Now there are some great options ranging from the bargains on Wayfair to the ultra-lux Lindsey Adelman fixtures, but those aren’t the only options. The latest on-trend way to “wow” in your space is with custom lighting for unique chandeliers.

One of the best qualities of custom lighting is that it is unique. If you’re looking to gobsmack your in-laws and friends from college, it’s easier to do so if you have lighting that is original. You’re looking to go beyond the, “Oh, is that the Jonathan Adler?” Or “Love the Restoration sputnik.” You see, the thing about those designs, is that they don’t inspire additional conversation. They’ve seen it. You know they’ve seen it. And you both know how much is costs. Custom lighting allows you to throw them a curve ball.

What we’re going for here is “Wow. Where did you get that chandelier?” Or “Nice. How much did that cost?” Now, we’ve opened the door for a conversation. You explain to them that you found a customizable lighting company called Dutton Brown where you have the option to customize your own chandelier. You further impress them that you were able to do it much more inexpensively than many similar designer fixtures as there are no showroom markups as orders are placed online and shipped directly to consumer. And this custom chandelier at this price point, can you believe, was handmade in the USA just off the Mississippi River in
At Dutton Brown, we’re creating a system to help you express yourself in your space with custom lighting. Everyday we are working to add more options not only FOR you but also inspired BY you. We do this by making size, finish, color, globe style, and more accessible to you. We focus on using high quality materials such as galvanized steel and solid brass to craft your fixtures to stand the test of time. You can shop our growing number of urchin, Sputnik, or globe chandeliers, pendants, and sconces. Also, you can check out our growing collection of customizable
 with a variety of colors available. We even offer the option to color match like in the listing below.

In the end, there is no better compliment to us than to allow us to design a fixture with you for your space. Give yourself the chance to “wow” with one of our fixtures, and please contact us with any questions at

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