Sphere Adornment

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The sphere adornment is a screw-on interchangeable adornment available in brass, nickel, and a variety of colors so that you have the flexibility to change the finish of this portion of your fixture in case you ever want to change the color or style of your fixture without needing to change the fixture itself. Whether you can't decide on a color, want to try a new color, or just want a different look for a special occasion, we offer these adornments to give you the option to color your space at your convenience.

Diameter: 1.0 - 1.25 in (depending on fixture)

Currently: The adornments are compatible with a variety of fixtures some of which include:
Horizontal Deko Globe Chandelier
Vertical Deko Globe Chandelier
Varia Sphere Globe Chandelier
Deko Globe Sconce
Cone Dot Globe Sconce
Color Pipe Sconce

Note: Please purchase the total number of adornments you need in each color/finish. Qty. 1 is one sphere adornment in one finish/color.


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