Personalize the perfect mid century modern wall sconce

Our colorful, customizable sconces are a great way to make a modern statement. Choose your own globe size, color, and finish with several styles available. Read more below to learn about what makes our sconces special.

Traditional to Mid Century Modern Wall Sconces Perfect for Variety of Styles

We offer timeless designs appropriate for styles traditional to mid century to modern. We also offer the wall sconces with options to make them your own. Many types of furniture such as couches and tables are customizable. Now your lighting is too. Choose a finish to match other the brass or nickel in your room. Or choose your favorite color to add interest to your space.

Two Sizes of Glass Globes in Two Finishes
We understand that a variety of room sizes and types exist. Those rooms are also used in different ways. For these reasons, we offer both 6" and 8" diameter globes on almost all our globe sconces. We also offer both opal white and clear hand-blown glass finishes.

White globes are best for diffusing light while clear globes are great for creating ambiance. Choose a white, round bulb for white globes to ensure the light is evenly diffused. Clear bulbs in a white globe can cause shadows. For clear globes, choose you favorite style of bulb. Something like our LED edison bulbs works well. Just be sure the bulbs is not too bright. Bright bulbs can cause eye straing.

Choose From Three High-end Finishes

After choosing a style and size you like, next choose a finish. We offer a variety of finishes for our hardware. The hardware is high-gauge solid brass with finishes including satin brass, polished nickel, and satin-black. Check out our finish samples here. We also offer combinations of those finishes like shown on the Scepter Sconce 10" shown below. Suffice to say if you're looking for the perfect mid century modern wall sconce, we've got an option for you.

Dutton Brown Scepter Sconces Brass Nickel Black Finishes


Choose From a Variety of Colorful Light Fixture Powder-Coat Options
Sconce light fixtures are a great way to personalize a space. Even moreso if you have the option of adding color. All of our sconce fixtures are available in color so you can configure your own colorful light fixture. Choose a finish first as the finish elevates the overall aesthetic. Then, choose a color that suits your fancy. And fancy is just how you'll feel. You can check out all of our colorful light fixtures here.

Exclusively Designed Parts

What makes our handmade light fixtures special is the fact that we've taken the time to design parts with perfectly matching finishes and seamlessly fitting parts. We use custom laser-cut acrylic and brass pieces to ensure quality down to every detail. From our low-profile canopy to our CNC-machined couplings to our matching plated globe holders, our attention to detail is second to none. When you receive your light fixture, we want you to know you've purchased quality lighting that lasts.