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Globe Sconces for Every Space

Our colorful, customizable globe sconces are a great way to make a clean, modern statement in your space. Customize a light fixture by choosing the globe size, color, and finish with several styles available. Read more below to learn about what makes our globe sconces special.

Globe Finish: White or Clear?

All spaces have different lighting needs with respect to the size and use of the space. Take a moment to consider (beyond just preference) whether white or clear glass globe sconces make more sense for your space.

We've all been there, in a room, with a really bright light bulb. Looking at the bulb directly can be uncomfortable and cause "hot spots" when looking away. White globes help to eliminate this problem by diffusing the light from a single bulb over a larger area. So If you're looking to illuminate a space well and eliminate "hot spots", white globes may be the better option. White bulbs are best inside white globes as some clear bulbs can create shadows inside the globe. Also, bulbs that are less bright can sometimes make a white globe look yellow. 

On the other hand, clear globes are perfect for creating ambiance with lower output bulbs and for showing off stylish bulbs like LED edison bulbs. Take care not to install bulbs that are too bright or you'll be dealing with pesky "hot spots". For most people, 60W bulbs (if incandescent) or about 800 lumens can cause discomfort if in line of sight on a fixture like a wall sconce. It's best to opt for a lower output bulb and plan for multiple sources of light if your space needs the extra light. Another thing to consider, clear globes are higher maintenance too though as they show dust more readily than white globes.

Globe Size: 6" globes or 8" globes?

Choosing the correct globe size is related to the size of your space, how much light the space needs, and of course, price point. It is best to consider first the size of a globe wall sconce in a space. 6" globes are best to use in multiples.

18+ Powder-Coated Colors with Three Finishes

Of course, if we offer so much flexibility for sizing your fixture perfectly, it's no surprise that we offer a variety of finishes and colorful lighting options. You know, so you can personalize that perfectly-sized globe wall lighting. The globe fixtures are crafted using high-gauge solid brass parts available in finishes including satin brass, polished nickel, and satin-black. We combine these high-end finishes with 18+ powder-coated color options to create the highest quality of luxe colorful lighting.

Exclusively Designed Parts

There's no shortage of tutorials or DIY videos that can tell you just how to build a custom globe sconce just for you. What makes our handmade light fixtures special is the fact that we've taken the time to design parts with perfectly matching finishes and seamlessly fitting parts. From our low-profile canopy to our CNC-machined couplings to our matching plated globe holders, our attention to detail is second to none. When you receive your light fixture, we want you to know you've purchased quality lighting that lasts.

Cap Globe Sconce, Color Cap Globe Sconce

The Cap Globe Wall Sconces are a great midcentury addition to any space. These contemporary light fixtures can be seamlessly integrated into every room, from bedrooms to living rooms. The single Globe Sconces are designed to complement many of the chandeliers in our store and are available in brass or nickel and can be positioned up or down. By using two or three Globe Sconces, you’ll be able to create great ambiance without breaking the bank. The hand-blown globes on each Sconce are available in either clear or white glass.

Cap Double Globe Sconce, Color Cap Double Globe Sconce

For double the fun, try one of the Cap Double Globe Sconces. Vertical or horizontal, this sconce makes a big impact in your space. With the brass fixtures you’ll receive a warm glowing light that will lighten any space, and with our nickel pieces, you’ll receive a sleeker more modern light that will give a touch of elegance to any setting. Add two or three globe sconces II to any room to create an instant focal point or feature wall.

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