wall sconce plug-in cord and switch

Plug-in Cords and Switches

Regular price $20.00

Add a plug-in cord with or without a switch to any wall sconce. Please purchase the same quantity of plug-ins as sconces you'd like them installed on. All cords are 6ft long and exit the backplate as shown in the listing picture. For a wall sconce with switch, the switch is located 1 ft from the sconce. If you need additional cord length or need the switch or cord hole relocated, please contact us to make a custom order. Each additional foot of cord is $2. Also, each fixture wired with a plug will ship with two dry-wall anchors for installation. It may be necessary to obtain anchors compatible with your wall type (concrete, wood, etc.).

Lighting fixtures made with plug-in cords are not returnable. Our plug-in fixtures cannot be UL Listed but are built to the same safety and testing standards. This add-on requires the use of a backplate that installs via cap nuts and is not available for fixtures containing our acrylic or seamless backplate. Please contact us at support@duttonbrown.com with any questions.

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