Sizing a Chandelier: Hanging Height

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Fixture Height
Measuring your ceiling height and determining where the bottom of your chandelier should hang can save time during install. For rooms where people walk under the fixture, it should be at least 7' above the floor. Above dining tables, the chandelier should hang 30-34" above the table in an 8' room. Add 3" to that range for each additional foot of ceiling height. Above a bed, the fixture should be placed such that the bottom of the fixture clears your head by about 6" when you kneel on the bed.

When shopping for a chandelier, be sure you know what the overall fixture height is. If you have low ceilings, just be sure the fixture isn't too large when installed at its minimum height. If you have tall ceilings, you may need additional rods or chain. Keep in mind you may even need to have an electrician splice on wire if the cord isn't long enough.

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